Blog Post created by Marilyn.H.July.14.14. on Feb 11, 2019

I consider quitting smoking the gift of LIFE which I consider the one gift that'll keep on giving day after day week after week month after month and Lord willing year after year and it's vital to our quality of life because breathing is essential to living, believe me when I say I remember my early days and weeks of my quit so if anyone asked me if quitting smoking was easy? I'll be saying HELL NO!!!! BUT if I was asked if quitting smoking was worth it? I'll be smiling and saying HELL YES!!!! Once we stop and think about how many decades we smoked and realize that every blessed thing we did was wrapped around the smokes it only stands to reason that it's bound to take time to relearn life without the smokes BUT boy oh boy it's so worth it to be Free keep moving forward stacking up those precious DOF  - Days Of Freedom so each evening you can say YAY for another Day WON......