Choosing to be Smokefree N.M.W.

Blog Post created by Marilyn.H.July.14.14. on Jan 28, 2019

It's my mother-in-law's 92nd birthday today we had a big birthday celebration for her yesterday after church it's also my great neice's 13th birthday plus it's 7 years today that we had Mom's funeral, the 23rd was my Mom's birthday, the 26th I was with her when she passed, at the time I was still smoking BUT I had quit drinking BUT it wasn't quite A year since I'd quit and boy oh boy did I want to drink BUT I didn't because I needed to be there for my Dad plus I knew if I relapsed I'd probably never stop again until I was 6 feet under I was a functioning alcoholic and ended up with a very thin stomach lining several months before quitting I'd have a couple of drinks and end up lying on the couch in the fetal position in extreme pain my husband Mark drank as well and would walk by me and ask if I was ok I'd say not really but he'd continue to drink anyway I finally wised up and will have 8 years of sobriety on the 14th of February   Mark still drinks he's been making his own beer for over 20 years but he's finally cutting way back on drinking   because he's starting to feel sluggish. At some point we all must look after ourselves because if we don't nobody else can do it for us I also had a heart attack right around the time I quit drinking so I figure if I hadn't quit when I did that I might have been buried before my mother the cardiologist told me that the heart attack was most likely a warning and that actually helped me to quit smoking because finding out that I have mild copd got me thinking that I didn't want to end up on oxygen 7/24 and having my family especially the grandchildren watch me fight for every breath. It's amazing to me now that I watched my Mom the last couple of years of her life be on oxygen 7/24 and I continued to Smoke for several years BUT thankfully I wised up and so can everyone because with the right Mindset quitting smoking is absolutely DOABLE - EXtremely difficult BUT definitely DOABLE and so very worth it , smoking is one HELL of an addiction BUT as long as we are willing determined and totally committed to succeed and we stick with our quits no matter what is happening in life then there's no way we can Fail and we will live a life of Freedom so each evening we will say YAY for another Day WON....