(: Smokefree Hump Day :)

Blog Post created by Marilyn.H.July.14.14. on Jan 9, 2019

My buddy my pal my friend George the Hump Day Camel and I want to wish everyone a great day no matter what may be going on in our lives no matter how difficult things may be we're still blessed life is going to happen whether we smoke or not I still get frustrated and have my off days, stress wise and pain wise BUT thankfully each of us can live life on life's terms  without the smokes, if you're in the early days or wks of your quit it's definetly much more difficult at times BUT with commitment and perseverance you will succeed in living a Smokefree Life and we're all here to help you in any way we can sticking with N.O.P.E and vigilance guarantees us a Smokefree Life and it's super fantastic once you get to that good place in your quit so hang on tight because the longer you're quit the easier it will get BUT you must believe it then there's no way you can FAIL...