We must stick with our quits! N.M.W!

Blog Post created by Marilyn.H.July.14.14. on Jan 4, 2019

Life really does happen whether we smoke or not I remember going to a funeral home just a couple of months after I quit smoking and walking by several people smoking and feeling like I was having an out of body experience like I was veering over to the smokers so I could light one up too BUT I was actually holding onto my husband's hand tighter than usual because I didn't really want one BUT subconsciously I thought I needed one BUT here I am 1635 days later trying to comprehend losing yet another person from our region so we'll be going to the funeral home to pay our respects, my brother in law will be headed to Boston to see the kidney Cancer specialist and a surgeon to see if they can operate his cancer is now in his lymph nodes he had surgery 18 months ago to remove cancer from his lungs and 3 yrs previous in Florida he had surgery on his thyroid which was cancer his original cancer is kidney where they took one kidney and part of a lung 18 yrs ago he's 58 years old and I pray that they can help him in Boston, Presquile, Bangor or Portland won't operate so they sent him to Boston he was there a couple of weeks ago and now they want to see him again. I know I'm rambling BUT I'm Smokefree and I'll remain Smokefree and so can everyone because with the right Mindset we can stick with with our quits N.M.W  -  No Matter What , now I need my third and final coffee so I can start the day I've been up since 7 o'clock but I haven't been able to get motivated, sticking with N.O.P.E  and vigilance guarantees us a Smokefree Life. .....