Remember the reason for the Season!

Blog Post created by Marilyn.H.July.14.14. on Dec 13, 2018

Let's remind ourselves of the reason for the CHRISTmas Season I have to remind myself each year that I can only do what I can do several years ago I used to push myself trying to do everything just right the cleaning the decorating the baking and so on and so on and I used to be so worn out and in alot of pain from arthritis and other issues that I didn't enjoy myself and I didn't even feel like eating Christmas dinner so finally I thought this is ridiculous so over the last few years I just do what I can do and everyone including myself enjoy Christmas so much more and what's even better is I'm doing it all as an Ex Smoker and so is my hubby Mark and maybe just maybe we'll be around a little bit longer to enjoy the little things in life that's actually the the big things in life, don't fret over the little things this Christmas just do what you can and enjoy the Season    I wonder sometimes where I ever found the time to Smoke because there just isn't enough hours in the day to begin with BUT hey I guess it really doesn't matter does it ? Because we don't do that anymore ! Right ?  This picture of Mark and the grandchildren was taken a couple of weeks ago we always give them a early Christmas gift as a Thank you for decorating the tree this is one of the the little things in life that I pray will be a memory for the grandkids to treasure long after Gramp and I are gone......