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Blog Post created by Marilyn.H.July.14.14. on Oct 14, 2018

Aaah I feel human this morning even though I had an absolutely fabulous time away with my beautiful daughter Mandy and her hubby and Mason I was still exhausted from helping my sister recuperate from her mastectomy for a week BUT I wouldn't trade doing either, helping my sister was necessary and getting away for an overnighter with family was heavenly and getting to the Gerry Seinfeld show was awesome, I'll tell you laughter really is the best medicine and what a fabulous early birthday gift from my beautiful daughter we had the greatest hotel room with a huge slide and we ate at the Casino NB with the most delicious buffet of everything your heart desires including crab and tons of dessert choices   Mandy and Jason both smoke BUT I Don't because I don't do that anymore and Lord willing they'll decide to join the ranks of being Ex Smokers sooner rather than later so all I can do is show them that I absolutely treasure my beautiful hard earned quit and that obviously quitting smoking is definitely DOABLE BUT it's also a CHOICE that theyll have to make, it's a CHOICE that everyone has to make they both know about this great community because I'll mention it every so often about my ex community friends and how some of us keep in touch by phone or email or pms on the Site and how awesome everyone is and how we help each other so hopefully some DAY some of these tid bits will rub off because they know quitting smoking is necessary BUT they must believe that they can quit smoking and that they can stick with it BUT they must believe it for themselves and if you're reading this and struggling believe that you'll get through it and you Will...... Here's a couple of pics from a couple of months ago of Mandy Jason and Mason , we were so busy having fun this trip that we only took one picture and it's still on Mandy's phone BUT Wow we've got the great memories to treasure.