I woke up way too eary again >

Blog Post created by Marilyn.H.July.14.14. on Nov 24, 2017

So I have plenty of time to time to say good morning and wish everyone a hasslefree, stressfree but most importantly a smokefree day, I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving day with lots of scrumptious food, my favourite part of a huge feed is dessert   please be EXtra vigilant and protect your precious quits because our quits are vital to our quality of life and breathing is essential to living,  It's Black Friday shopping here in Canada too with sales up to 70% off in just about all stores and I hate crowds too but I don't get out with my daughter very often and since it's a PD day Mason gets to come too so my love for them is stronger than my hate for the crowds, thankfully I don't have too much left to buy but I'm looking forward to buying lunch at a nice restaurant. I got to wish my hubby Mark a happy 60th birthday first thing and I should be home around 6 this evening to pamper him a bit, let's always remember N.O.P.E. & Vigilance is Key to a lifetime of Freedom.  because life is grand without a cigarette in hand but in order to get to that point where you realize just how grand it is you must get through the rough patches but believe me when  I say you can but it's going to take some time but it is definetly Doable and so very worth it to be Free!