Backing away is difficult!

Blog Post created by Marilyn.H.July.14.14. on Jul 24, 2017

I know that I've only been around here for a little over three years but this site and all of you felt like a family and even with the new platform taking place the third week of January and all its struggles trying to figure out how to maneuver and figuring it out little by little was fine and the one good thing I like is being able to post pics because I never did learn how on the old format, I'm just not tech-savvy but over the last several weeks the moderation started because of the spam problem but I find that way too much is being moderated and I'm just not talking about my stuff, one time though over a wk end one of my comments was being moderated for over 23 hrs, I know because I checked it and by the time it was released it didn't make a bit of sense. Now we have this damned filter in place all due to this incident awhile back with the profanity of this one person that directed all the anger onto one of our sweetest members, I understand that can't happen but we are all adults even though lately and I'm only speaking for myself I feel like a little kid that just got caught with my hand in the cookie jar. I've backed away because I just don't feel comfortable voicing myself anymore even though I am right now, I had a couple of people on my blog Saturday that said it  really helped them and that's what this site is all about that's why we're all here and I had one person private message me to see if I was alright and I sincerely thank this person for that. I care for each and everyone of you my friends and fellow Exers and that's from the bottom of my heart. I don't want to back away when there may be people on the verge of quitting that maybe I could help or someone struggling to remain quit that I might say something that might help. Come on administration Mark ,there's got to be a better way and please don't toss out a whole whack of reasons of why's or what you the administration think is best for the community because we are the community and I for one am soooooooo frustrated and a big part of me wants to walk away but I also need to be here just in case I may be able to help even if it's just one person! I am so thankful that I'm secure in my quit otherwise I would've smoked my brains out over the last couple of weeks. I decided to voice how I feel so as indingrl.01.06.2011 would say Take what you need and leave the rest!