Another Hump Day, let's stay Vigilant!

Blog Post created by Marilyn.H.July.14.14. on Jul 12, 2017

Only two more Hump Days in July after today, wow I find the older I get the wks seems to slip by too fast, I want to enjoy some summer and Fall weather before winter hits which seems to be the longest season here but that's only because I detest winter and we had a lousy and very long snowy Spring this year but I won't smoke over the weather or anything else because I'm secure in my quit but I'll always remain on guard for any stressers because I value my quit which is the best gift that I've ever given myself so I'll never let it go. For anyone reading this that's thinking only one won't hurt well it will send you spiraling right back to full fledged smoking so don't do it, the longer you stay quit the easier it will get and believe me when I say that there's life after cigarettes because there is and it's super fantastic so don't throw your quit away instead embrace it, nurture it and protect it and never ever take it for granted!