Remember why you're quitting!

Blog Post created by Marilyn.H.July.14.14. on Apr 21, 2017

If & when you hit a horrendous craving and you're ready to give up that's the time to take a deep breath and remember why you are quitting smoking in the first place, stick with your commitment to yourself, believe in yourself, be willing, determined and totally committed to hang onto the best gift that you'll ever give yourself which is the gift of LIFE! Quitting smoking is definitely difficult to say the least and at times the cravings and ups and downs of mood swings can feel almost overpowering notice I said almost, quitting smoking won't kill you but continuing to smoke knowing that it just might kill you is definitely reason enough to stick with your quit hang on tight and keep plowing forward because it's going to take some time but it's absolutely Doable and and soooooooo very worth it all to be FREE!