Believing in yourself is key to success!

Blog Post created by Marilyn.H.July.14.14. on Mar 16, 2017

With the right mindset we can do just about anything we put our minds to and quitting smoking is definitely at the top of the list but you must believe that you can along with being willing, determined and totally committed to go through whatever cravings and whatever else you need to go through to get to that good place in your quit but it's going to take some time to get there because if you think about it most of us Exers smoked for decades upon decades so it only stands to reason that it's going to take time to relearn different ways of dealing with life's issues without the crutch of smoking but you can and will be successful one precious smoke free day at a time but you must stick with your quit and keep stacking up those glorious smoke free days! Here's a pic of my back door area this morning!