Once I believed I could, then I did!

Blog Post created by Marilyn.H.July.14.14. on Mar 14, 2017

It's been 32 glorious months since I took back my life and decided to bite the bullet and stop playing Russian Roulette after at least half a dozen half hearted attempts at quitting smoking over the yrs, I finally got serious once I  found out I have mild copd I believe a light bulb finally came on in my head and I realized that it just wasn't other people who got cancer and other smoking related illnesses that I wasn't invincible and could end up on oxygen 7/24 or worse so after 40 yrs of smoking l finally got serious about quitting and found this site and to make a long story short, one of the things I was told was to read everything that I could find here because there's a wealth of information to strengthen my resolve to live a Smoke Free Life and here I am along with so many others that have also bit the bullet and are living life without the crutch of smoking and so can you but you must believe that you can, be determined, willing and totally committed to succeed then you can and will be successful, with the right mindset we can do just about anything because  anything in life worth having takes time and effort and quitting smoking is definitely worth whatever you need to go through to be FREE! Live a life of N.O. P. E. - Not One Puff Ever will give you a beautiful life to go anywhere, anytime, whenever, wherever and however without wondering where to sneak off to suck on a disgusting cancer stick, you can be Free, believe it! Freedom is yours for the taking hold on tight because there's definitely life after cigarettes but you must stick with your quit so keep moving forward and stacking up your precious smoke free days. 

I just wanted to say for anyone that's in the path of this crazy Noreaster that's coming through stay warm and be safe, it's coming through here late this afternoon, overnight and into tomorrow with about 18 inches that's predicted for my region but it won't last now, Mother Nature will eventually get off her high horse and allow Spring to arrive. I'm calling this the St Patrick's storm that we usually get anyway, we won't smoke over the weather or anything because we don't do that anymore!