It's- 6°F, yay for not being outside smoking!

Blog Post created by Marilyn.H.July.14.14. on Mar 11, 2017

My husband Mark decided to share his head and chest cold with me, actually I think he just passed it onto me because he feels quite a bit better this morning, it's great being an Ex Smoker especially having a cold because trying to smoke with a full head and a sore throat and an achy chest wasn't smart but when we smokers we smoked anyway and coughed, gagged, choked and nearly horked up a lung, that scenario alone should get us to protect our precious quit with our lives because our lives literally depends on us to be FREE.----- N. O. P. E.  - Not One Puff Ever will give us a beautiful life of Freedom because S. I.N.A.O  - Smoking is not an option - N.E.F Never ever forget - the early days and wks of quitting smoking because none of us Exers want to ever go backwards to DAY ONE because DAY'S WON is what puts a HUGE SMILE on our face in the evenings, so keep moving forward and stacking up those precious smoke Free Days!