It does take time to relearn life without the crutch!

Blog Post created by Marilyn.H.July.14.14. on Mar 7, 2017

I'm late getting around this morning even though I've been up since 6 o'clock, I remember the first few days, wks and even into the third month of my quit very well and how unpredictable the hours of each day could be, things would be going along great then out of nowhere all of a sudden wham the thought of having a cigarette would be almost overwhelming notice that I said almost because I had complete control over whether I smoked or not even though the urges at times were really powerful my desire to keep & protect my quit was and is more powerful because my health, family and even my wallet is so much more important than the disgusting Cancer Sticks. You can handle life on life's terms but you must go through whatever cravings, withdrawals and the ups and downs first to get to that good place in your quit so keep moving forward and stacking up your precious smoke free days because believe it or not there's definitely life after cigarettes and it's super fantastic but you don't have to believe me stick with your quit and prove it for yourself, give it 3 months or even better 4 months by then you should be realizing how much better life is because if you stop and think about how many decades that you've smoked then you will realize that it's bound to take time to relearn different ways of dealing with life's issues without the crutch of smoking but boy oh boy it's absolutely Doable and it's absolutely worth it to be FREE! , one precious smoke Free Day at a time will give you a beautiful life of Freedom!