It's a double whammy, it's March 1st plus it's Hump Day!

Blog Post created by Marilyn.H.July.14.14. on Mar 1, 2017

Hubby's off to work and my daughter has the day off which means Mason will be able to go home after school so I'm taking a ME DAY on this dark, dank, dreary, dismal day we're actually under a rain fall warning today then tomorrow the Temps are supposed to drop like a brick, anyway enough of that I try not to say much about health issues but I believe that we've got some younger quitters here which is super fantastic so stick with your quit because you can and will be successful. Don't wait for 40 or more yrs before taking back your life, take good care of yourself now while you can, quit smoking now, our health is vital to our quality of life, without going into great detail I waited about a yr for an MRI on my back so I finally got it and my Dr said last wk probably surgery but  we knew that I had this appointment yesterday with a neurologist which I've been waiting for since 1 yr ago this past September so I got my husband Mark to take me, there's lots of issues including my spinal cord being pressed or choked off causing my legs to buckle more and more lately so a rush was sent to a neuro surgeon which will probably be another 6 months before I see one and probably another 6 months before surgery. I also had a carotid doppler ultrasound a couple of weeks ago which this Dr yesterday wants me to have a CT angiagram to get a true reading because on the left side the plague is reading 50 - 69 % and they don't like it to be above 70 so hopefully that will be soon, he feels that could be causing my lightheadedness at times and feeling disoriented and foggie because I may not be getting enough blood flow to the brain, hummm frustrated YES I am but only at myself for taking so long to quit drinking but I finally did over 6 yrs ago after a alcohol induced heart attack thankfully it was a warning to quit which I did and I wised up and also quit smoking 961 days ago and in July I'll have 3 yrs in. So if I have to have surgery so I can walk then I am so thankful for my sobriety and my smobriety because surgeons don't like operating on smokers anymore than the anthesiolgists like putting you under do, so Lord willing I'll heal up much faster, that is whenever I get it done . I hope nobody minds that I spilled my feelings out but I'm hoping that some of you on the fence or anyone struggling to keep your quit, know that you can quit because Quitting smoking is a choice so please choose to take back your life while you're still vertical, life is short so let's start taking EXtra good care of ourselves now before it's too late! Freedom from the clutches of the dreaded nicotine poison is within your grasp so grab on tight and hold on tight because each day you get through is Another Day WON! N.O.P.E  - Not One Puff Ever - works when applied on a daily basis.