A very good morning to everyone ■

Blog Post created by Marilyn.H.July.14.14. on Dec 29, 2016

Mason is still sleeping, hubby helped me stir up a batch of bread before he went to work so I am sitting here with my third and final cup of coffee before getting on with my day. My older sister called me and we talked for awhile, she lives 6 hrs away and I let her know that our younger sister Marion is doing well a nurse told me last night that physio is working closely with her and she's going to be there for awhile longer before they transfer her closer to home while waiting on the rehabilitation hospital, let's all of us Exers take deep breaths and hang on tight to our precious quits and remaining vigilant while enjoying our freedom is vital to our health and well being so let's not become complacent and lazy but instead embrace the best gift of our lives which of course is our awesome quits so let's always be on guard but even more so right now with the New Year right around the corner!