Good evening everyone ■

Blog Post created by Marilyn.H.July.14.14. on Dec 23, 2016

My sister Marion had her surgery at 12:10 last night which is the 23rd so she had her first neck surgery exactly 20 yrs ago on the same date, I just talked to her nurse and she's doing ok but I will be glad to see her for myself on the 26th, her daughter and family are going down on Christmas Day. Have a relaxing evening my friends and fellow Exers and when we're all getting ready for bed tonight we can look in the mirror and smile because we made it through another day WON, no matter what is happening in our lives we must realize that we can handle whatever comes our way much better without the crutch, it took me along time to figure that out but I don't need to be chain smoking and giving myself a migraine and choking and coughing and still have the stresser, smoke free is much easier to deal with life on lifes terms!