Lots of snow wind and freezing rain but now we're heading back into the freezing temps!

Blog Post created by Marilyn.H.July.14.14. on Dec 18, 2016

We never lost power which is great my daughter had to work yesterday with the snow and the wind, of course I worry about her traveling and she worked today with the freezing rain and my husband went to a wake today for a friend of his that died of cancer at the age of 58, the roads were treacherous but my daughter got home and so did hubby. Some of you may remember my 52 yr old sister going through neck surgery this past May, actually it will be 7 months tommorrow but she started losing the use of her hands and legs again, she's been in a wheelchair since before the surgery but with pysio she's been doing really well up until last week, her Red Cross worker got an ambulance for her this morning to the hospital in my region but tomorrow morning an ambulance will be taking her three hours away to the hospital that did the surgery, I am scared for her but I won't smoke over it, I wish I was in better health myself so I could help her more, life can be so frustrating at times.