Let's put on a positive attitude and have a wonderful smoke free day!

Blog Post created by Marilyn.H.July.14.14. on Dec 10, 2016

I need to take my own advice this morning and put on that positive attitude , it's been an EXtremely busy wk and I was really hoping to sleep in until at least 7 this morning but of course I woke up before 6 , I did doze on and off until I got up just before 7, Mark helped me put on a batch of bread and I have to do up something for the Christmas yakie swap this evening . It's pairs and spares pot luck supper through the church , anyway I wish life would slow down just a little but not too much , I guess my internal clock is still used to me getting up at 5:40 all summer and with the time change a few wks ago I'm having a hard time trying to sleep in but I will retrain myself to get that EXtra sleep just like quitting smoking I had to relearn life without the cigarettes and I did and so did so many of you and if you are reading this and haven't quit yet now is the time to take back your life because your life literally depends on it and if you are struggling hang on tight because victory is right around the corner even though you may think that I am nuts  all I can say is if you don't believe me then you must stick with your quit and prove it for yourself because once you realize how much better life is without the crutch then you won't want to go back but only forwards stacking up those precious smoke free days ! One day at a time or one hour , one minute or even one second at a time will give you a beautiful life of Freedom ! 

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