We're into another Hump Day already and hopefully if you are struggling it won't be too much longer and you'll be over the Hump of the withdrawals and the worst of the rough patches!

Blog Post created by Marilyn.H.July.14.14. on Dec 7, 2016

Mason's Dad  finally picked him up shortly after 7 last night , I had Mason all bathed up and ready for bed all his father had to do was give him a snack if he wanted one and get his teeth brushed . My daughter is hoping that this Tuesday to Thursday shift from 1 to 11 pm will only be every three wks and I hope it is too , I have an appointment today at 1:15 a half hour away and I'm praying that I don't have to wait too long because I need to be here for 2:50 when Mason gets off the bus , I did ask my sister in law if she could be here just in case but I want to be here myself . Every Thursday I will keep Mason overnight and my husband will take him to school on his way to work . I remember breaking up with my first husband when my son was 6 and my daughter 9 and working and juggling my time with the kids and my mother nor my ex mother in law never helped me one little bit so I try to do the opposite . I made so many mistakes as a mother , especially after meeting Mark the man that I am married to now , we have been together 27 yrs and married for 20 but that's when my drinking started but thankfully I have been sober for nearly 6 yrs and I am so happy that I kicked that addiction to the curb because it was killing me , ulcers and a Alcohol induced heart attack my cardiologist figured because my heart seems to have healed itself so 27 months ago I decided to kick cigarettes to the curb , was it easy? HELL NO!  but was it worth it ? HELL YES! Addictions are real and they definitely have a strong hold and grip on our lives but we don't have to reach rock bottom or wait for a death sentence or a horrible health issue before quitting, bite the bullet my friends and stop playing Russian Roulette, if we want something bad enough then reach out and grab it and hold on tight because it's yours for the taking!  I want all of us to have a wonderful smoke Free Christmas and go into the new year Smoke Free ! doesn't that sound awesome ? 

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