With the right mindset we can most certainly have a life of Freedom!

Blog Post created by Marilyn.H.July.14.14. on Dec 6, 2016

My 7 yr old grandson Mason will be getting off the bus and staying here until around 7 o'clock tonight and tomorrow so I will feed him supper and get him all bathed up for his father to pick him up . My daughter is working 1 till 11 pm, 4 days on  and 3 off so I will keep him overnight Thursday and get him off to school Friday , actually hubby will take him to school on Fridays and hopefully Mason's Dad will get him Friday evening before 8 o'clock but I really don't think he's in a big hurry to get him , this Sunday we have Adam our 12 yr old grandson for the day whew that tired me out writing this down , hee , hee but I am so thankful to be able to help out even though it really does tire me out but I have to admit that I do sleep a little better but the best part is that since I quit smoking I actually have more quality time with the grandchildren because I'm not stuck outside freezing my butt off sucking on a cancer stick while the children are waiting for me to come in to do something for them or with them.Get yourself into the right mindset and believe that life happens whether you smoke or not and believe that life is going to get easier because it's going to but of course it's going to take some time to relearn different ways of handling situations without the crutch because once you think about how many decades that you smoked then it makes sense , anything and everything we did involved smoking . I know for me in the first few weeks and even the first couple of months or so I would involuntarily reach out for a cigarette that wasn't there and I would have to give my head a shake and remind myself that oh yeah I don't smoke anymore but boy oh boy believe me when I say there's life after cigarettes , I smoked for 40 yrs and I am Free and let me say Freedom is EXhilarating ! Stick with your quit and prove it for yourself because you won't ever want to go back to day ONE, only days WON !:)

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