Brrrrrrr it's cold outside but nice and toasty inside!

Blog Post created by Marilyn.H.July.14.14. on Oct 26, 2016

This morning when I first got up and before I even poured my first cup of coffee out of the blue I thought oh yes a coffee and a cigarette , yikes where  did that come from . That my friends and fellow Exers is why I push vigilance just as much for me as it is for you because a thought like that if I wasn't on guard and happened to be around a smoker God forbid what could happen but it's not going happen for me as long as I remain vigilant while enjoying my Freedom from the dreaded cancer sticks , vigilance is key to success , thoughts can't get us to smoke only action can cause us to screw  up our perfectly beautiful quit, if a thought Pops into your head about the nicotine poison ,might I suggest sitting on your hands because if we do that we can't put it near our face but seriously if an urge or a crave happens give your head a couple of shakes and say No Way no how because you don't do that anymore and continue on with whatever you were doing because just one would be absolutely horrible because I know that we all would rather smile and say YAY ANOTHER DAY WON ! 

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