Morning, wishing each of you another smoke free day and tonight you can smile and say YAY ANOTHER DAY WON!

Blog Post created by Marilyn.H.July.14.14. on Oct 4, 2016

I got Mason off to school this morning but I won't be able to tommorrow because I had to make a dentist appointment and lucky for me I could get in at 8 o'clock in the morning which is when I take Mason but unfortunately I can't be in 2 places at once. My dentist is away until Thursday but had an emergency number to get in, last night a chunk of filling fell out which is 33 yrs old, I remember because my son was 2 months old when I had alot of dental work doneand on  Thursday I will finally get the colonoscopy which I've been waiting for since the 20th of April so between the deep filling and the prep for the colonoscopy I expect tommorrow won't be a great day but on the positive side I should finally find out what the spasms and pain is under my left rib, my Dr says it's spasms when I feel like I'm being kicked by a foot or something which isn't  nice and I am definitely not pregnant at 56 yrs old but that's what it feels like , anyway my friends and fellow Exers on another positive note, I have no desire what so ever to smoke, no way no how because I know how much better life is without the crutch. I am in ta good place in my quit and have been for over 2 yrs now so stick with your quits and get to your good place because life is so much better as an Exer, I have a phone call from Adam's mom so I need to go for now! 

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