It's only 8 pm Atlantic time but I am sleepy but I am a Happy quitter!

Blog Post created by Marilyn.H.July.14.14. on Aug 20, 2016

I am trying to answer comments but my eyes are heavy so I probably won't get too many answered, I apologize for that .I have been very busy this summer watching my seven year old grandson Mason Tuesdays through Fridays but I usually keep him overnight at least once a week plus there's everyday living and things that need done, I visited my Dad for awhile this morning and then mowed the lawn with a push gas mower for a couple of hrs this afternoon but the good news is that I have been quit for over two yrs now and smoking isn't even a blimp on my radar, yesterday was a hectic day getting Mason picked up at my daughters, I thought I had brake problems with my car but hubby put in some brake fluid and all is well but we'll keep an eye on the level for a bit. Mason's mom, my daughter smokes and so does her man and there was a couple pks of cigarettes on her table yesterday but I don't care because I don't smoke anymore and that's a wonderful feeling to be free from the clutches of the dreaded nicotine poison but I don't take my quit for granted and I never will, that's why I push vigilance it's for me as well as you, I never want to become complacent and lazy because relapsing isn't an option for me or for you either so let's always remain on guard while enjoying our smoke free living.