Morning everyone ●

Blog Post created by Marilyn.H.July.14.14. on Aug 14, 2016

I slept in until almost 7 o'clock but I went to bed shortly after 9 so I got a pretty good sleep. I've been really busy this summer with my little buddy Mason who I have always called my Mack Attack , I will continue to watch him for awhile after School starts September 7th, I will get him off in the mornings. I  have been so tired that I don't believe I have been answering everyone's comments and I may not get around to answering them but please know how much I care and how much I want each of you that hasn't quit yet to please do so, read everything you can about quitting smoking and remaining quit and bite the bullet and do it, it's time to quit playing Russian Roulette with your life and if you are struggling hang on tight because there's definitely life after cigarettes so don't give up, keep moving forward and stacking up your precious smoke free days. Yesterday was a rough day for me, I screwed up the first 5 loaves of bread I baked and had to throw them out, I had the oven on 425 instead of 325 so of course it was almost burnt on the outside and not cooked on the inside, but the other 9 loaves were perfect but I am far enough along in my quit that smoking isn't even a blimp on my radar but things like this happened in the first few days, weeks and months of my quit and I made it through because I promised myself the night before I quit that no matter what I would never pick up another cigarette as long as I live and I don't break promises to anyone including myself so please if you haven't quit yet now is the time and if you are struggling stick with your quit, promise yourself that you will never smoke again and stick with it because victory is right around the corner.