A very good evening to you all.

Blog Post created by Marilyn.H.July.14.14. on Aug 7, 2016

It's been a very long day even though I fell asleep for over an hour this afternoon while my husband Mark did up pizza for my son his step son and Adam, my oldest grandson plus my sons fiance whew it's difficult trying to explain broken homes. Adams mother decided to give me a hard time about Adam staying the night with his father, my son,when I went over to get a change of clothes, they had a bad break up 10 yrs ago and still won't talk to one another, I am the mediator and this is the first time in several yrs that Adam wanted to stay overnight and she decided to gripe at me, when I was a smoker, I would've kept my mouth shut and chain smoked for the rest of the night but not anymore , we had a few heated words but I also told her that I understood how she felt that it's a mom thing, that I lived it too having to deal with my ex husband when my kids were little and I had to deal with the crap back then and I was still taking it from her and I am doing the best I can and Adam would be fine. Whew thankfully I kept my cool but I find I stand up for myself now which I believe is a good thing . I am going to soak in a lavender Epson salt bath that my daughter made up for me and destress because my friends,  I have learned how to deal with lifes stressers without the crutch of cigarettes and so can you and it's a wonderful feeling when you realize that there's life after smoking, good night all.