Positive thinking should provide positive results but it may take time!

Blog Post created by Marilyn.H.July.14.14. on Aug 6, 2016

Yesterday was a very long but wonderful day, this old gram has been taking my seven year old grandson Mason to the public pool since the end of June, he's never taken swimming lessons which I tried to talk him into, yesterday I heard a lifeguard asking the children if anyone wanted to take the deep water test so they could go into the deep end and jump off the diving board so I asked if Mason could try to and he said yes and yay he passed flying colors and he spent the next hr and a half jumping off the diving board, maybe I was holding him back without realizing it but I never asked the rules of the pool and I'm not a strong swimmer but yay I am one proud gram,my chest is puffed right out and my daughter and her man are super happy as well. In our smoking days being happy, sad, anxious, disgusted or any other mood, we would be smoking, well yesterday the thought popped into my head remember when???? - - and I answered myself saying oh yeah and I thought of Dale's mantra, I don't do that anymore. We can talk ourselves into anything and we can certainly talk ourselves out of things just as easy!!!! - I only know a few mantras that I have learned on this precious site and they absolutely work if we apply them to our quits each and every day because our lives depends on quitting smoking and remaining quit. N.O.P.E - Not One Puff Ever - S.I.N.A.O - Smoking Is Not An Option - N.E.F - Never Ever Forget - this is a great one if you've been quit for awhile and are struggling because do you really want to go back to day one or would you rather bite the bullet and make it through the day because you most certainly can and then this evening you hopefully will be smiling and saying YAY ANOTHER DAY WON. Quitting smoking is absolutely difficult to say the least but it's absolutely doable too and so very worth it so please stop playing Russian Roulette with your life and join the ranks of being an Exer.