Morning :)

Blog Post created by Marilyn.H.July.14.14. on Aug 4, 2016

I slept in until 20 to 7 this morning but I could've slept longer but my almost 13 yr old dog Samantha Digger Jane Hartley  (Sam) for short was circling around my bed with her toenails clinging on the floor until I finally got up and let her out, time to clip her toenails today. Mason is still sleeping and it's almost 8:30 now, the humidity has been back since yesterday and my daughter Mandy, Mason and I are supposed to go to the fair this afternoon but the weather is calling for thunderstorms, I hope not because Mason is EXcited to go, I'm not but I want to enjoy him as much as I can plus it's not very often that I get time with my daughter. What I really like about being an Ex Smoker is no matter what I do or where I go or even being around a smoker like my daughter which I'm hoping that someday soon she'll quit but I don't want or need a cigarette to enjoy the day because I know that I will never smoke again,  this site really educated me on the lies of the nicotine poison, smoking kills, smoking is the cause of so many ailments including of course copd, thankfully I finally wised up and quit smoking with the humidity breathing is hard work but since quitting smoking, I at least don't choke and cough trying to suck on a killer cancer stick and nearly horking up a lung so if I can quit after 40 yrs and many others on this site and throughout the world that's smoked 50 yrs or more so can you. If you are willing, determined and totally committed to succeed then you can and will be successful, you have to want it more than anything else in this world and your health, family and even your wallet will thank you. 

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