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I hope everyone had a good weekend and will enjoy this upcoming week. Wow it's Dec 1st tomorrow and Christmas sure is sneaking up on us but that's ok , I hope each of you my fellow Exers will enjoy another smoke free day while remaining vigilant and protecting your beautiful forever quits because as we all know smoking kills and quitting can save us from dying a slow painful death that's most likely from a smoking related illness so let's give ourselves the best gift of all this Christmas season which is a much better quality of life by keeping our forever quits. 

Marilyn 404 DOF and counting 

I short changed myself 100 days because I have 504 beautiful DOF, I need to start double checking myself●

Have a peaceful and relaxing evening my fellow Exers ●  

My new Avatar is of my Christmas tree that the grandchildren decorated, mostly Emma, she's 13 and Mason who's 6 helped. Adam is 11 and unfortunately thinks he's too old for decorating but at least we were all together. My husband Emma and I had cheese burgers for lunch which my husband cooked Adam had bacon and eggs and Mason had grilled cheese made with my homemade bread plus smiley fries and krinkle cut fries but everyone ate and was happy which is exactly what hubby and I wanted, have a good nights sleep my friends. 


Good morning friends, I'm on my third and final cup of coffee and my husband Mark already cooked our breakfast of pancakes, bacon, and eggs as usual it was very good. It's 7:30 now and time to start the day. Our 11 yr old grandson Adam will be here at 9am, I'll probably get my hubby to go get him and our 13 yr old granddaughter Emma and of course our 6 yr old Mason should be here around 10 this morning and then let the Christmas decorating begin. We all should have a great day. It's supposed to be about 29 ° F later on today and sunny sunny so it's going to be good weather to get the outside decorated too . I aggravated my bad ankle yesterday tramping the malls. I have a bad tendon, I will get pampered by the grandchildren today ☺

That makes me smile for sure, as always my fellow Exers whether we're on day one or day 100 or day 503 like me, we must always enjoy our new found freedom from smoking while remaining vigilant in our precious quits. I haven't really thought about smoking for quite some time but after tramping the malls yesterday and getting home and digging out the Christmas decorations, I was tired and my ankle was swelled up. Several times I thought boys wouldn't a cigarette be nice right about now, like dah I don't think so. I literally gave my head a shake because I don't smoke anymore and I never will but to be on the safe side that's why I remain vigilant and protect my quit so let's enjoy another smoke free day in our beautiful forever quits. 

Marilyn ☺

I had 4 or 5 lines written on a blog post and it disappeared that sucks, I am tired after tramping the malls but hubby and I ate out which was nice and all three grandchildren are coming tomorrow to help decorate the tree and inside the house as well as outside so we'll all have a busy day but it should be fun. I am going to go put my pj's on even though it's not even 6 pm,I probably won't get a chance to answer any comments this evening but I thank each of you for your wonderful comments on my morning blog. (((Big cyber hugs to all)))


We had a gorgeous sunny day yesterday with temps way above the norm so the snow melted and the kids weren't very happy when they got home from school. Well they should be happy this morning it's much colder, plus it's snowing anyway my husband and I are going to hopefully finish the rest of the Christmas shopping this morning and eat lunch out. Let's have a wonderful day my fellow Exers because believe me there's definitely life after cigarettes and it's great. Quitting smoking is doable and protecting our beautiful forever quits Is also very doable , it's not easy some days but we must keep plowing forward because life does keep getting better and better but we must get through those first few weeks to get to a good place in our quits. I used to give my head a shake and say no way no how will I smoke because I promised myself that I would never pick up another cigarette as long as I live and I don't break promises to anyone including myself .I better get moving, I think my husband is waiting for me to get ready and hopefully beat the crowds of shoppers. 

Marilyn 502 DOF and counting  

I really appreciate all of the birthday wishes yesterday and the congratulations on my wonderful 500 day milestone. Believe me, if you are fairly new to this wonderful community quitting smoking is definitely doable and absolutely worth it. We have all been in the trenches of the early days of quitting, I remember all too well how I felt like I was crawling out of my skin in the first few weeks of quitting or maybe you might say something to me and I started blatting like a baby or on the other hand, I might have wanted to reach out and rip your face off but that was in the early days .I continued on with the support of the these precious people on this site that helped talk me through the rough patches because right from the beginning when I came on this site, I was told to blog if I was having a tough day so I did and there was always someone here to help me and thank goodness for that because look at where I am today and once we get through the roller coaster ups and downs of withdrawals and mood swings, we must always remember to protect our precious quits and remaining vigilant on a daily basis while enjoying our new found freedom will give us our fantastic forever quits N.O.P.E and N.E.F, just keep plowing forward because life without cigarettes is absolutely wonderful. 

Marilyn 501 DOF and counting 

I pray that each and everyone of you will enjoy this wonderful Thanksgiving Day and the long weekend as well. Yay for your Thanksgiving, yay for my birthday and yay for my 500 day milestone, yay for so many things to be thankful for even if life throws us lemons, we can make lemonade. I do know that Thanksgiving can and is a hard day for many for whatever reason and I pray that today will be a day of peace and relaxation, be EXtra vigilant and protect your precious forever quits on this holiday weekend  (((Big cyber hugs)))

Marilyn 500 DOF and counting 

I can't believe that in 30 days it's Christmas morning but first things first because tomorrow is your Thanksgiving Day and I hope that all of you will enjoy lots of delicious food with family and friends even though I celebrated our Canadian Thanksgiving last month, I remain thankful each and every day for all the blessings life brings . As always let's remember to protect our precious forever quits and continue to remain vigilant especially over the holiday weekend. Keep strong and let's continue counting our splendiferous DOF. 

Marilyn 499 

It's November 24th already, it's my husbands birthday he is 58 yrs young. He will have 19 months tomorrow since he quit smoking, one month from today is Christmas Eve and you know what one month from tommorrow is. I was on the phone to Mason yesterday afternoon , ,for anyone new here, He's my youngest grandson he's 6 yrs old and he asked me to count down the days until Santa Claus comes, yay and yay again. I love being a non smoking grandmother, life does keep getting better and better without the crutch of cigarettes just give it time, don't give up. continue going forwards, your health, family and wallet will thank you for holding onto the best gift you can give yourself which is freedom from smoking, smoking kills and quitting can give you the opportunity to enjoy your life with a better quality of living. 

Marilyn 498 DOF and counting 

It's a winter wonderland this morning but I have to say that it does look beautiful especially the snow on the trees. I called over to my daughters as soon as I saw the snow because Mason told me on Saturday that we needed snow for Christmas so he was a very happy little boy getting ready for school. This Thursday is your Thanksgiving Day and it's also my 56th birthday plus when I noticed it on my calendar last night, I had to look twice because it's also my 500 day milestone on your Thanksgiving. I think that's pretty cool and I am so thankful for this precious quit of mine and am very thankful for each one of your awesome quits. As usual my friends let's have a wonderful day while remaining vigilant , there is definitely life after cigarettes but we must give ourselves the time we need to get there. I can tell you that in the first few weeks of my quit that I had many days that if you looked at me the wrong way I might have rippedyour face off or maybe I'd start blatting like a baby but thanks to the wonderful people on this site that helped me get to where I am today, I am loving being an Ex Smoker, quitting smoking is absolutely doable and definitely worth it so hang on tight and keep on counting your fabulous DOF. 

Marilyn 497☺

I hope everyone had a decent nights sleep and will enjoy this wonderful day that we are blessed with, even though the weather may be rainy and dismal or snowy with slippery road conditions or maybe our arthritis is acting up because of the dampness but we woke up and have this day in front of us so let's have the best day that we can because no matter what we do have so much to be thankful for. I know three people who have cancer throughout their body only one of these people I know very well , he started out with prostate cancer. I believe I mentioned it here about three months ago, there was a benefit supper for him. He's on his final wks now him and his wife still smoke and the cancer is in the bones now. The other two people I've met a few times over the yrs and both are on their final stage , I knew them enough yrs ago to know that they were smokers whether they quit or not I don't know , maybe they would've got cancer even if they didn't smoke only God knows that . I woke up stiff and sore and frustrated but once I started thinking about these people and so many others that are suffering and it definitely put things into perspective for me so let's have the best day possible and enjoy another smoke free day while remaining vigilant in our precious forever quits. 

Marilyn 496 DOF and counting 

I wish everyone a wonderful day, my husband got the house warmed up and our little Mack Attack Mason is still sleeping and I'm enjoying my coffee while checking in with all of you my fellow Exers. Life is so much better since I quit smoking after 40 yrs of poisoning myself, like most people I never thought I could quit but my husband had a scare with his health finding out he had the start of emphysema. He decided it was time to quit after 42 yrs of smoking so April 25th / 14 he was done, of course I thought I was fine but a couple of months later I saw a specialist about something entirely different and he listened to my lungs and said that he didn't like the sound of them and set me up with a spirometry test which showed mild Copd so I quit July 14th / 14 and here I am closing in on 500 wonderful smoke free days and counting. Keep strong and hang tough whether you're on day one or day 100 or day 1000. We must never under any circumstance become complacent with our hard earned precious quits because remaining quit is absolutely vital to our quality of life so as always let's continue to enjoy our forever quits while remaining vigilant. By the way my 56th birthday is on your Thanksgiving Day this year, yay, yay and yay again, we have so much to be thankful for. 

Marilyn 495 and counting 

It's raining but very mild this morning, this November must be close to breaking records for the warm temps. I sure do like it that's for sure, we have Mason coming for an overnighter later on today which my husband and I are very happy about. I know since I quit smoking 494 precious days ago, that I really get to enjoy all three of the grandchildren without having to stop midway through whatever we may be doing to sneak off and suck on a cigarette and I'm sure I stunk like an ashtray but they never complained about it but I remember at times especially with Mason because I've babysat him full time a couple of yrs ago and I would say I will be right back and go outside and smoke. I remember now the frustration in his eyes because every half hour I would go outside and smoke, yay, yay, yay and yay again for quitting smoking because I have my life back, believe me there's life after cigarettes and it's marvelous. Stay strong and hang tough let's keep our new found freedom and enjoy all the benefits that comes with being an Exer. 


I didn't mean to worry anymore this morning with my blog, I guess I was trying to show you as well as myself that no matter the situation life throws at us. We can deal with it a whole lot better without the crutch of cigarettes, I am so thankful that I don't smoke anymore and I am so very thankful for all of you my fellow Exers that you don't smoke anymore. I had the CT sscan done without the dye and with the dye too, thanks for your prayers but I am a tough old broad and I'm sure that whatever the problem is it will be an easy fix. At least I'm not sucking on the nicotine poison anymore and I love telling the nurses that I quit over 16 months ago. My husband just came home for lunch. (((((Huge cyber Hug to all)))))


Great news about our Ellen. 

This has been a busy week for me and I am heading out the door again shortly, I am getting a CT scan on my head, I hope they can find a brain in there but seriously I really don't think anything will show up on the scan. I have been taking dizzy spells where out of the blue my legs go to rubber and I get light headed, it happened twice within a week of each other about six wks ago once I was close enough to sit down until it passed and the next time I just slid down the wall. The hubby was home that time and it passed quickly and it didn't happen again. So when I saw my doc this past Tuesday, I mentioned it and he scolded me and made me promise that if it happened again to go to the hospital so yesterday morning, I was sitting in my recliner talking on the phone when out of the blue everything went black and the chair and me both was falling over and going to crash into the floor, I call that an outer body experience. I told the person I was talking to what was going on and then I told her I was ok and let her go . I tried to get a ride to the hospital but couldn't so I waited until I felt ok and went myself, my blood pressure for me was high 148 /101 which isn't bad but I normally run on the low side, they put me right in blood work was all good ecg was good, they will figure it out and I am not to worried about it and I have no intention of smoking over it or anything else because I love dealing with life as an Exer. 

Marilyn 493 DOF and counting 

Have a wonderful day my fellow exers 

Reading Terries blog earlier got me thinking about this seasonal disorder, long dreary dark dismal days of winter. I know that I get very down and depressed because I don't get out hardly at all especially last winter yak  I know that we are all too tough and stubborn so smoking is definitely not allowed and will not happen, no way no how, screw the weather. We will cheer ourselves up some how. I have been a little down even though the the temps are still pretty good and I am enjoying the days but I know that the crappy weather is on the way. Let's continue to be vigilant each and every day because our quits are vital to our quality of living. We know what Ellen is going through, so no matter what is happening in our lives we must remain steadfast in our quits.


This is my dog Samantha Digger Jane Hartley 12 yrs ago when she was 6 wks old. I had my bread bowl on the floor for a few minutes because I was baking up a storm that day and she decided she was going to take a nap. I just thought I'd share that with you. 

I hope everyone had a decent nights sleep and are ready to tackle another day. It's a cloudy, dismal start here in the Maritimes but we were 6 ddegrees warmer than predicted overnight so yay.  To you wonderful folks that are fairly new to this site, stay strong, hang tough and stay close to this because quitting smoking is the absolute best decision you will ever make in your lifetime, for your health, family and wallet. You can and will succeed in quitting smoking but you must believe in yourself because you are sooooooo much stronger than you realize .  There is life after cigarettes so keep counting your precious smoke free days so you can start enjoying the benefits of being an Ex Smoker.

Marilyn 492 DOF  

I hope everyone will have a wonderful day today, I had a few lines written out on a blog a few moments ago and it disappeared so I'll try again. My husband thinks he's going to like his new job ok once he knows the different jobs he'll be doing and I had a good day with my daughter yesterday shopping. I didn't get any Christmas presents but spent quite a bit of money just the same, I am sore from tramping the malls so I plan on having a semi lazy day. Hopefully the nurses are keeping our dear Ellen comfortable and she's not in too much pain. To everyone fairly new to your quit,  keep your mind as well as your hands occupied and keep counting your precious days of freedom because life without cigarettes is absolutely worth it and definitely doable. 

Marilyn 491 DOF 

I am running way behind, I need to start my car which my daughter and I are taking to hopefully finish our Christmas shopping. The last thing on my mind going to bed Last night and the first thing this morning is our dear friend Ellen, I pray for strength and healing and a fast and speedy recovery and wisdom for the doctors and nurses. Have a wonderful smoke free day my fellow Exers, my daughter will be here soon and my car is totally frosted I better go warm it up. 


Good morning my fellow Exers, it's a dark, dank, dreary, drab looking sky here in the Maritimes but hey, it's been a gorgeous November so far but I think that's about to end. We're supposed to get a few snow flurries today, I might not like it but the children will get excited. I know my grandkids will be quite happy especially Mason because he still believes in Santa Claus and snow and Christmas go together. Next week end my husband plans on getting Mason to help him put up the Christmas lights and decorations outside they will both enjoy that. Let's be sure to enjoy this day, smoke free of course. 

Marilyn 489 DOF and counting 

I hope everyone will have a wonderful smoke free day today, my husband finished his two week notice at his job yesterday so starting Monday he'll start his new job just minutes from where we live. Lots of changes happening but I think it's all good, we'll both miss his road trips at times but definitely not in the snow storms and gusty winds and freezing temps plus at times being away 2 and 3 wks at a time during the winter but we'll get used to the change, he's been doing this job for 5 yrs so it will take him some time to get used to everything  but change is good and I believe even though the money is less our lives will be easier and of course we won't smoke over this or anything else because we prefer our lives now as  Exers, my husband quit almost 19 months ago and I just looked at the calendar and realized today is 16 precious months of freedom. Let's continue on going forward because there's definitely life after cigarettes and believe me once you get to that good place in your quit, you won't want to go backwards you will only want to keep going forward and I would think you'll be smiling while going forwards. 

Marilyn 488 DOF 

Quitting smoking is 100 % positive but in the first two or three weeks , life can be a little rough but we must keep going forward so we can realize how much cigarettes took away from our lives because every waking moment smoking ran our lives. We never had the freedom like we do now to go anywhere, anytime that we want to and not have to worry about where we're going to sneak off to have a smoke. Quitting smoking has given me back my life, I am still learning how much better my life is because I started playing around with the odd cigarette at the age of 13 both my parents smoked they rolled their own with cigarette papers so it was easy for us kids to swipe a little tobacco and a few papers and think we were so grown up and one of the cool kids. By the time I was 14, I was smoking a few each day, by 15 I was a full time smoker for the next 40 yrs, like most of us on this site we have to learn how to live without cigarettes and this definitely takes time so continue counting your days of freedom because life EXcellent, EXemplenary ,EXtra great, EXceptional, I don't know if my spelling is correct or not but let's continue on as EXers because believe it or not there is life after cigarettesand it's EXtrordinary.

Marilyn 487 DOF and counting. 

I had a wonderful day with my daughter, we got quite a bit of shopping done but had to be back for Mason. For anyone new here he's my daughters son, my youngest grandson he is in grade 1 . He's still young enough that he enjoys staying nights and quite often wk ends with Gramp and Gram and we really enjoy having him, our oldest grandson Adam is 11yrs old and comes for the day every other wk end and we love him dearly but it's getting harder to keep him occupied without driving around and eating out. A lot of the time he likes to go to my daughters because he gets along great with her step daughter that also comes the same wk end that Adam does, all is good and I am so thankful that I don't smoke anymore and can enjoy my presious grandchildren without the crutch of cigarettes. We went in my daughters vehicle today and she smokes but luckily I don't have any desire what so ever to smoke but I also remain vigilant each and every day and protect my beautiful quit because anyone of us could have an off day and that's why it's so important to remain vigilant and N.E.F  the first few weeks of our quit because no way no how will I ever go back to day 1 again so N.O.P.E.  ((Never ever forget)) - ((Not one puff ever)) - ((Smoking is not an option))

Stay strong and hang tough 


My daughter called me at 10: 30 last night and asked if I'd like to go to Fredericton Christmas shopping well of course I do. She didn't have to work since it was a holiday, we don't get much time together so I am really looking forward to the day. We live in a rural area so it's a 2 hr drive to get some shopping done in the city and Fredericton is the Capital of New Brunswick. Mason called at 7 this morning and told me to make sure I do my Christmas shopping for him, he made my day. I need my Mack Attack Mason very soon for an overnighter. I better get ready to go, stay strong in your precious quits, keep counting your beautiful smoke free days because freedom is within your grasp hang onto tight, it's yours for the taking. Life keeps getting better and better without the crutch of cigarettes but you must keep them away from your face as Dale says and he's absolutely right. Smoking kills and quitting can save us from dying a slow painful death that's most likely smoking related. Have a wonderful day everyone. 

Marilyn 486 DOF and counting 

It's Remembrance Day in Canada and Veterans Day in the United States and we will all remember the sacrifices that were made for us and still being made for us, many have made the ultimate sacrifice and we will always remember. I cannot think of a blessed thing this morning EXcept let's be very thankful for everything that we have and let's not take this day for granted and let's continue on with our beautiful forever quits because as we all know smoking kills and quitting can save us from dying a slow painful death that's most likely due to aa smoking related illness so let's remember on this Veterans Day or for me Remembrance Day to treasure our lives and live life to its fullest. 

Marilyn 485 DOF 

It's still above seasonable during the day but last night I had the house quite hot so I didn't put anymore wood in the furnace so it was quite cool in here this morning at 57 but that's ok because I am fortunate enough to have a roof over my head, lots of wood in the basement to get a fire going plus lots of food in the cupboard, fridge and freezer, I feel very blessed and am very thankful that I found this wonderful site by fluke because I found all of you my fellow Exers and we all work together to protect our precious forever quits on a daily basis, life is good so let's continue on with our beautiful forever quits N.O.P.E and N.E.F. 


It's a cool morning but the sun is shining so I'm happy and drinking my second cup of coffee and getting ready for the day. My husband is away again for the wk but this will be his last road trip and next Monday he starts his new job just 6 minutes away instead of nearly half an hr away when he was in the shop and not working away, lots of changes but good changes I believe, but no matter what life throws at us good or bad no matter where where we are in our quits whether it's day 1, day 31, day 331 or day 483 which is where I am today and I say let's keep on trucking and counting our precious forever quits N.O.P.E and N.E.F. and as always let's remember to protect our precious quits with our lives because our lives depends on remaining smoke free. 


Let's continue counting our days of freedom from the horrid cancer sticks, one day at a time, one hour at a time , one minute at a time or if need be one second at a time but we can quit smoking and we can keep our precious forever quits but we must remember that we have to go through whatever cravings and roller coaster ups and downs that goes on for the first few weeks of our quits but stay strong and hang tough because it's absolutely doable. We must always remain vigilant no matter how long we've been quit, I wake up each morning thankful that I am an Exer and promise myself another day of freedom. When I quit smoking 482 days ago, I promised myself that I would never, ever pick up another cigarette as long as I live and I don't break promises to anyone including myself, if you are new or having a rough time stay close to this wonderful site because we are all here for you and want you to EXperience a life without the crutch of cigarettes, have faith in yourself because you are sooooooo much stronger than you realize, there is life after smoking and it's wonderful just give yourself the time to get to get there so you can enjoy your new found freedom. 


Good Saturday Morning everyone, my husband made it home last evening for the wk end. I just finished a big breakfast that he cooked for me, one more wk away then he'll start his new job which will take some getting used to but should be a lot better for both of us. Let's enjoy this wonderful day that we are blessed with and live it to the best of our capabilites and continue stacking up our precious days of freedom from the dreaded nicotine poison because the longer we remain quit the easier it gets and life just keeps getting better and better. 


It's unseasonably warm this morning here in the Maritimes and it's getting up into the low 70's today and I am enjoying this weather while it lasts. I hope everyone will enjoy the day, no matter what the weather is because it's a great day to be thankful for all that we have . It's amazing how the little things in life are  so much better since quitting smoking because everything I did in life was centered around smoking even though here at home, I  never smoked in the house but  every 40 minutes or so I  would have to stop whatever I was doing to smoke even if I didn't really want one my internal clock said it was time so I did. Getting used to not smoking takes some time but wow it's so worth it, when I say Freedom from smoking I really mean it. My life is 1000 % better without cigarettes because I can do whatever I want whenever I want wherever I want and not worry about finding a corner somewhere outside to suck on a killer cigarette, please give your quit the time needed to get to that good place in your quit because you will get there, just don't give up, keep going forwards and count your precious days of freedom from the dreaded nicotine poison. 

Marilyn 480 DOF 

It's going to be another gorgeous sunny day here in the Maritime provinces and I absolutely love it, I took my father out for his 79th birthday yesterday and treated him to lunch and I drove the long way back to his home. I enjoy the scenic routes and I believe Dad enjoyed the afternoon ,I know that I did. I hope each and everyone of you my fellow Exers will enjoy tthe day and if you are new to the site or traveling through NML , remember chin up .  Stay strong in your quits because quitting and remaining quit is definitely doable, one day,one hour, one minute or if need be one second at a time but lliving a life without the crutch of cigarettes is absolutely worth it. 

Marilyn 479

It's a bright sunshiny day here in the Maritimes, this flu bug or whatever it is that I have is hanging on. I do feel quite a bit better though, I am very thankful my husband Mark never got it thank goodness for that. I hope that everyone will enjoy this day that we are blessed with, as always let's remember to be vigilant in our precious quits, especially if anyone is having a rough morning, stay strong, hang tough,keep your mind as well as your hands occupied. If you are still having a rough time, deep breathe and if you can go for a short walk or sit down and write down all of the reasons that you are quitting smoking and I bet it's a long list and if you write down why you would want to continue to smoke, I would think that the page would be pretty blank.  As we all know quitting smoking is definitely doable and keeping and protecting our quits is also very doable. I know how hard it can be because I had some hair pulling days that I didn't think I could continue on with my quit but I promised myself that this was my final quit. No matter what is happening in my life that I would never, ever pick up another cigarette as long as I live. Like everyone things happen that you think maybe just one wouldn't hurt, but we all know one will put us right back to smoking full time, I didn't do it when I found out that my sister has breast cancer in the first few months of my quit or when a very good friend died of cancer in the beginning of my quit. We must no matter what protect our quits because it's vital to our quality of life and by the way my sister is doing great right now so my smoking last yr would've only hurt me. Stay strong my fellow Exers. 

Marilyn 478 DOF 

Things are about to change hopefully for the better for my husband and I. He applied for a job much closer to home this past Saturday and decided yesterday to take it so he gave his two week notice to where he is now. I think he'll be going back up to Bathhurst tommorrow and probably will be gone over the weekend if he's close enough to finish the tarp building, it's going to be a big change with him not traveling anymore for both of us because he's been doing this for over five years at times it's very aggravating him not being here and for him working out in the freezing temps and then there's other times that it's nice. We will get used to it, the money is roughly the same plus travel is five minutes away instead of a half hour drive every morning and longer in the winter when it's storming, anyway wish us well. Enjoy the day my fellow Exers and if you are new here or are having a rough time with your quit, stay strong and stay close to this site, plus keep your mind as well as your hands occupied and keep telling yourself that you are stronger than any craving or urge plus you don't smoke anymore and the longer you stay quit the easier it will get, be willing to go through whatever you need to because a life without cigarettes is within your grasp, hold on tight because it's so very worth it. 

Marilyn 474 DOF 

Oops, I believe it should be 477 DOF ☺

We Exers sure kept the bon fire going strong all wk end long, lots and lots of huge flames from the fire could be seen for hundreds and hundreds of miles, whoo Hoo wow great time for all EXcept for me I ate way too much and stayed up much later than I should have but it was so worth it. Seriously though my fellow Exers life is super fantastic without smoking,  throwing all the disgusting unsmoked cigarettes into the bon fire should keep our quits intact because of the amounts of the sickerettes not smoked to me is jaw dropping, it's amazing to me that I put all that poison in me for 40 yrs, let alone the money wasted but it's our health that's most important so I am thankful for the bon fire. Thank you Shawn for putting it on and to anyone else that may have helped keep it rocking all wk end long again I I thank you. 


I hope everyone enjoyed your Halloween last night and the super fantastic bon fire that was put on for all of us Exers, lots of good food, music and best of all friends because we're all on this quit journey together. I can't believe it's November already, where has summer and Fall gone?  -- let's enjoy another smoke free month my fellow Exers because life without the crutch of cigarettes keeps getting better and better one day at a time.