Sleep well my fellow Exers ● □ ● □ ●

Blog Post created by Marilyn.H.July.14.14. on Aug 29, 2015

I worked around the house most of the day, my husband worked outside in the garden and he did some mowing so around 4 o'clock this afternoon I decided to go for a drive so , me, myself and I went to a Chinese restaurant and enjoyed a big pig out. My husband isn't much on Chinese anyway and wouldn't have enjoyed himself but for me it was great because I really enjoy it, next time I'll have to see if a friend would like to come with me because I think the company would be much better than today was with,me, myself and I, hee, hee, I am tired so I will say good night, have a good sleep everyone. 


PS. Mason took this pic of me a couple of days ago with my tablet so I thought I'd put it on my avatar for a couple of days or so.