Good Wednesday morning all ♡☆♡☆♡

Blog Post created by Marilyn.H.July.14.14. on Aug 26, 2015

I was up before 6:30 again this morning yak, but once I'm up I'm Up. Mason is still sleeping and I'm on my third and final cup of coffee , it's another sticky ,humid day shaping up but this humidity is supposed to break tommorrow. I hope everyone is doing good with your quits, especially if you are new to this site because quitting smoking is definitely doable and absolutely worth it, the first 2 or possibly 3 wks for most people and it definitely was for me the hardest but then it does start to get easier, keeping your mind as well as your hands occupied really helps. I am on my 408th day of smoke free living and counting and I will remain vigilant each and every day just because I don't want to become complacent in my presious quit and maybe get stressed out and without even thinking stick one of those cancer sticks in my mouth and take a sickening drag and then realize after the fact, so let's always remain on guard and protect our beautiful hard earned quits because we all know smoking kills, quitting can save us from dying a slow painful death, that's most likely smoking related. There is life after cigarettes and for me there's no going backwards because I am enjoying my new found freedom way too much.