Another smoke free Tuesday.......

Blog Post created by Marilyn.H.July.14.14. on Jun 30, 2015

Good morning everyone, Mason is still sleeping so I'm drinking my coffee and checking in on all of you my ex friends. I hope you all slept well and will enjoy the day, I went back and read my first blog a couple of weeks ago and I am glad that I did. If you are struggling with your quit or are having cravings or memories of smoking and thinking God forbid of choosing to throw your precious quit away, go back and read your first blogs and hopefully that will strengthen your quit. I am here today with 352 DOF and heading straight to the 6 % club and am looking forward to the 1 yr milestone and then I will concentrate on heading towards the 2 yr marker. We must remember cigarettes kill and quitting smoking can give us better quality of living so we can actually enjoy life without possibly horking up a lung while sucking on a cancer stick. (((((HUGS to all of you)))))