Good morning everyone.........

Blog Post created by Marilyn.H.July.14.14. on Jun 7, 2015

Happy Sunday Everyone,My hubby is cooking breakfast this morning, bacon, eggs and pancakes. Mason is still sleeping so I thought I'd check in with you now while it's quiet, it was only 33 ° F at 5 am when my husband Mark got up so we had a frost because it's clear out but we covered everything last night, thank goodness. I never got up until 6 :30 that's early enough for me especially on a Sunday. Today is supposed to be an absolutely gorgeous day, right on I'll take it because more rain is moving in tommorow. 329 DOF and counting WTG me and WTG to each and everyone of you on your precious quits. Always remain vigilant while enjoying your new found freedom as an EX SMOKER, have a super fantastic day my friends.