Happy Sunday Everyone ● □ ● □ ●

Blog Post created by Marilyn.H.July.14.14. on May 31, 2015

I hope that everyone will enjoy this wonderful day that we are blessed with. May 31st already, it's amazing how summers go by so fast and winters seem to drag on and on. Hopefully June will slow down a little so we can actually enjoy it, my husband and his coworkers were at their work site at 5 am yesterday morning and got the covers pulled so a couple of good days of finishing up the building they'll be on their way home, hopefully by Thursday evening. I am on my 321st smoke free day and loving it, I'm never going back to being a slave to the nicotine poison, no way no how. I love being in control of my destiny at least where smoking is concerned. Smoking is a choice and I choose life over the possibility of a slow and agonizing death that's most likely smoking related .we must be vigilant each day with our quits because our lives absolutely depends on it,life is too Damn short to go back to smoking poison because we all know that it's going to kill us more likely sooner than later . I talked to a friend yesterday, she's 56 yrs old and her husband is 68 they were told Friday he has Cancer and there's nothing that can be done because he waited too long, they both smoke. He has possibly 6 months to live. Please enjoy a wonderful smoke free life .