Happy Friday everyone ● ● ● ●

Blog Post created by Marilyn.H.July.14.14. on May 22, 2015

I'm late getting around this morning, I'm only on my first coffee.I was reading my old blogs last night before I went to bed, I never blogged right away but I didn't realize that I was on my 18th day when I finally did my first one I think it was 18 , I need more coffee. Anyway it's amazing how far I've come 313 precious smoke free days and counting . Even back in my early blogs even before my 30 day milestone, I talked about vigilance and protecting my quit and I haven't ventured too far away from that because no matter if we're on day 15, day 313 or 3115, we must remain steadfast in our quits. Maybe I am the way I am with our quits because my oldest sister quit smoking for 7 years and decided to throw her quit away and smoked for another 20 yrs. She's the one that lives in another province battling breast cancer she's been quit now for 6 months but her man smokes but not in her apartment. We all know people that have quit and taken it back up and we all know people that have smoked and died from smoking related illnesses. I choose live the remainder of my life as an EX SMOKER. I hope everyone has a wonderful smoke free day today.