Good Tuesday morning ●□●□●□●

Blog Post created by Marilyn.H.July.14.14. on May 12, 2015

It's a rainy morning but very mild with a chance of thunderstorms today, we've been in a fire ban for over a week so this rain is very welcome. I loved all the beautiful pics of Nashville and putting faces to you wonderful folks that I have been chatting with for the last 293 precious smoke free days and counting, now I see a beautiful face when I comment on one of my friends message board, thanks for that Sarah it's almost 8 am , I have to get ready for pysio therapy and it's a half hour drive from here. I was told almost a year ago that I have tendinitis in my ankle, I found out last week, when I was finally sent to pysio that it's ligaments that are stretched. Anyway I will do what they tell me to do so I can enjoy walking ,mowing the lawn or whatever without fear of stepping the wrong way. At least I know what's wrong so I can fix it and I got my biopsy results back from the lining of my stomach, I need to change my diet around it's no big deal. My doctor said the best way to explain it to me was to say that it's the same as a rug burn and I am back on acid reflux pills so everything is good. I will cut down on my coffee cosumption from 4 cups in the morning to 2 cups. I am so thankful that I don't smoke anymore, I am a Happy quitter and each one of you can be too, keep your quits and protect it with everything you have in you because living a life without cigarettes is absolutely worth it. 303 precious smoke free days not 293,wow I must be tired because I want every amazing day that I worked so hard to achieve. I bbetter get going, later my friends.