Totally stressed but no smoking!!!!!!

Blog Post created by Marilyn.H.July.14.14. on May 6, 2015

I own a Samsung galaxy 3 tablet, wwhich I got a yr ago the begining of Feb, between the tablet and the leather case I bought I payed almost  $400.00 and last night it kept shutting down on me then the screen went bright green and started flashing, then went totally black other than about a quarter of the screen at the bottom which was small colorful markings across the screen anyway a couple of my friends said it was my hard drive. My warranty ran out of course but I took it over to where I bought it to see if they knew for sure what happened. They reset it and figured it was in the software because it's ok anyway I was totally stressed out and was concerned about all of you wondering about me, so a friend in boxed our administration here to explain what happened and to please let you know. I don't see anything on here this morning, did any of you see anything about me being off line for awhile???--- my friend checked this morning before I knew that my tablet was alright and said that someone had read it. I am sooooooo green about this stuff. I was so upset thinking that I had to buy something else and how expensive it would be especially where this tablet isn't much more than a year old. Thank goodness it's ok and I didn't smoke over it even though it kept popping into my head that a couple of cigarettes would be very relaxing and would calm me down --(((((That's total BULL CRAP))))-- a couple of cigarettes would have totally ruined my beautiful 297 DOF or my 9 and a half months of precious smoke free living. Thank God I realized the lies that were rolling around in my head because smoking would have made everything 1000 times worse plus having the guilt of throwing my quit away for nothing because my problems would still be here, anyway enough is enough I am good and I hope everyone will have a wonderful day .