Happy Saturday everyone ☺

Blog Post created by Marilyn.H.July.14.14. on Jan 31, 2015

It's storming again, crap, crap, crap but that's ok winter is on a down hill slide. Tommorow is February so that's a good thing and my husband is home this weekend another good thing and I am on 202 DOF and that's definitely a good thing actually that's a wonderful thing and my husband has over 9 months DOF and that's another super fantastic deal. Life is good even though the weather sucks big time, it's nice and toasty inside and we have everything we need so we don't have to go out for anything. The police are telling people to stay off the roads which is very smart and I hope everyone will listen that doesn't need to be on them. I hope that everyone has a relaxing peaceful smoke free weekend.