Hello Friends

Blog Post created by Marilyn.H.July.14.14. on Jan 30, 2015

Another 10 inches or so of snow on its way this afternoon through tomorrow with white out conditions. I am so sick of winter but like I have said in the past I am very thankful for everything that I have, a roof over my head, food in the fridge and cupboards and I am warm . what else do I need ???  It's just cold and cloudy right now so I guess I will go check out the mail a little later this morning and pick up a few groceries and hunker down for the rest of the day and see what happens with the storm maybe it won't be as bad as they're predicting plus I can't do anything about it so I might just as well relax and make a big pot of chili and maybe a batch of bread. 201 precious smoke free days today yay and double yay and maybe even a triple yay. This is me being silly because I can't change the weather or anything else so I might just as well go with the flow and take life as it comes and enjoy every second of it while I can. Please protect your quits no matter what because whatever may happen in our lives we must remain steadfast in our quits and remember that we don't smoke anymore. Have a wonderful weeken,201 DOF.