Two wks is Jan 31st

Blog Post created by Marilyn.H.July.14.14. on Jan 17, 2015

Good morning, I am counting the days till warmer weather arrives. I definitely have the winter blahs or a seasonal disorder, whatever it's called it's most definitely real. At least the sun is shining this morning even though the wind is howling and it's freezing outside. I hope everyone has a relaxing peaceful wk end and most of all a smoke free one, no matter what's happening in our lives the most important thing is to protect our quits no matter what N.O.P.E and also never ever forget how hard it was to get to  wherever you may be in your quits and I don't know about you but after 188 days of freedom, I sure as heck am not going back to day 1. No way no how because I am continuing to stack up the days and next stop is 200 days and so on and so on. Please enjoy this beautiful day even though it's crappy and freezing outside here in Canada anyway.   It's nice and warm inside and the sun has a lot of Power and best of all I'm alive that sure beats the alternative, life is good.