Life after cigarettes. .........

Blog Post created by Marilyn.H.July.14.14. on Jan 13, 2015

Good morning everyone, to all of you wonderful new people on this site, stay strong and stay close to us because quitting smoking is definitely the best decision of your life and for yourself and your family. I will have 6 months in tommorow since I quit smoking and I will never ever, ever smoke again in my life even with my older sister living 6 hrs away in another province battling breast cancer and in the middle of chemo treatments I would like to see her but she doesn't want me there right now and when I do go I definitely won't stink and smell like an ashtray. She will need all of me and I will be the EX SMOKER and be there for her 100 %. No matter what is going on in our lives it's better to deal with the situation dead on without the crutch of smoking. I definitely speak up now when something is wrong or bothering me, where as before I would go outside smoke one cigarette after another bury the problem but not anymore.  If there's a problem let's settle it let us face life. I smoked just shy of 40 yrs and quitting smoking is definitely the best decision for me and all the people in my life especially my grandsons because hopefully I will live a little longer and enjoy the time I have left without smoking outside and missing out on my quality time with the grandchildren. Let's enjoy a smoke free life it's sooooooo doable, enjoy the day everyone.