Have a great day everyone. ......

Blog Post created by Marilyn.H.July.14.14. on Jan 8, 2015

-°17 at 7 am on this Thursday, we are now through the first wk of Jan. I along with just about everyone will be Sooooo happy when it warms up, I feel so bad for people that have to work outside in these frigid temps like my poor husband but he's in the shop this wk because he had to go to the dentist with an absessed tooth. Hopefully next week the temps will moderate because he's going to be working away. Anyway I hope that everyone will have a wonderful smoke free day, I'm on my 179 th day of freedom from the dreaded cigarettes. Life is good even with all the stress life throws at us it's so nice dealing with problems and not standing outside freezing my butt off smoking or trying to smoke with my teeth chattering. I am very happy being an EX SMOKER.