Shoveling snow, yak !!!!!

Blog Post created by Marilyn.H.July.14.14. on Jan 4, 2015

I'm late checking out the blogs this morning, actually it's almost noon now but I wanted some exercise so I told my husband Mark to relax and I went outside to shovel the steps off and the walkway and I cleaned the car off as well. About 6 inches down so far,I wanted to clean it up before the freezing rain starts then the snow would be really heavy we do get plowed out because we have a very long driveway way off the road. I love it in the summer but not so much in the winter, theirs still an hour of shoveling each storm the front door ,back door, basement door, gate to the dog run and the garage doors, yak and double yak. I am sooooooo very happy I am an EX SMOKER and am able to do manual Labour. I found out the beginning of July that I have mild copd and decided I was quitting smoking before it got worse so on July 14th 175 precious smoke free days ago I quit to everyone just starting your quits you can endure 2 possible 3 wks of withdrawal symptoms and pretty rough days to put it mildly but believe me it's sooooooo worth the discomfort when you get to the point of realizing how thankful you are you quit smoking . I smoked just shy of 40 yrs and on the 14th of January I will have 6 months in not smoking, I'll tell you beyond a shadow of a doubt this is my forever quit N.O.P.E and I am a Happy quitter if I can do it anybody can. Believe me if your waiting for the right time to quit there never will be, I figured that out and just quit and you can to, have a wonderful day.