A great day

Blog Post created by Marilyn.H.July.14.14. on Sep 20, 2014

Good evening everyone, it's been a very cold windy fallish feeling day and it's not fall until Monday. Mother Nature does what she wants when she wants like the old saying goes don't screw with Mother Nature. I'm trying to be cute and I am sure i'm doing a lousy job at it.  Even though it's been a cold raw day here in NB YOU can always find something to do, I had my 10 yr old grandson for the day he wanted to start a campfire so that's what we did this afternoon after we went out to lunch and the dollar store we hooked up with his Dad and had ourselves a campfire. We had fun and stayed warm . I made it through day 69 tommorow will be day 70. NML is trying to get under my skin but I know a lot of the dirty little tricks that NML is trying to put over on me so I plan on burying NML 6 ft under. I am so determined to live the rest of my life smoke free a reformed smoker NOPE and I plan on stacking up the days I will get past NML 130 days, get a good nights sleep everyone. ☺