A chipper good morning

Blog Post created by Marilyn.H.July.14.14. on Sep 21, 2014

I enjoy reading the blogs over my morning coffee it makes me so proud to read about the milestones or of someone just starting their quit having a good day or someone having their quit date set and preparing for it . Also if someone is having a difficult time or needs support I love reading the comments from the elders to give their advice and support and a lot of the time it helps me and makes my day better. I hope everyone has a relaxing peaceful Sunday.Tommorow is the first day of fall, I was chatting with elven last night and somehow I told her where I got marilynhotgram from, my beautiful daughter set up all my accounts for facebook, Emails and all that when I finally got into the 21st century back in February. I'm still pretty green with the internet so I haven't changed anything I told my daughter when I realized the handle she gave me that I wanted her to change it. She smiled and never did change it anyway I thought I'd share how that came to be. 70 days of being smoke free at the end of the day yay, enjoy the day everyone. A fantastic smoke free day to everyone.