Blog Post created by Marilyn.H.July.14.14. on Sep 18, 2014

I should get some sleep it's almost 10:30pm i stayed up till nearly midnight last night enjoying my own company. My husband left yesterday morning to do a job in Newfoundland, he puts up large tarp buildings and goes where they need him. He should be back home by the 29th of Sept hopefully the weather is good for him to get back home . My dog Samantha Digger Jane Hartley will be 11yrs old on Oct 11th I decided to put her pic on my page, we've had her since she was 6 wks old she's missing my husband Mark I'll have to give her extra attention. Anyway it's been a very good day, another smoke free day of course. I'm as prepared as I can be to win the battle and make my way through NML . I need to get to at least 130 days to get through. OK I will do it one day at a time. 68 days tommorrow, I've already had some crazy overpowering urges that came out of nowhere,  which shocked the crap out of me. I definitely understand the name NML thank you to the elders that helped me understand it better and better manage the urges, you know who you are THANK YOU. To anyone newer here than myself  quitting smoking is so difficult and hard but so worth it and so do able . We just need to want it more than anything else and live a life of freedom from smoking, that sounds so wonderful to me September 25th my husband will have 5 months smoke free. 10:55pm good night everyone.