Keep quitting, don't stop quitting

Blog Post created by Marilyn.H.July.14.14. on Aug 6, 2014

Day 24 is going ok it's finally raining we really need it, I always smoked tobacco we rolled our own cigarettes. As I mentioned earlier my husband has over 4 months in which certainly makes it a little easier for me a pack of 25 cigs cost for the cheapest brand $10:40 Canadian money so we  with a 200 gram can of tobacco 70% would last just me roughly 17 days at $67:90 a can and prices keep rising. I don't think I answered your little questioner accurately . I put 23 days×28=644 wow when we figure it out it's kind of scary isn't it??? I need to stay smoke free for many reasons but mostly to keep my COPD at the mild stage and not let it progress into a more serious stage, money wise will certainly be nice too. Keep on keeping on.