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Long wk end

Posted by Marilyn.H.July.14.14. Aug 29, 2014

I wanted to wish everyone a great Labor Day weekend, smoke free of course. Hopefully the weather is nice so we can enjoy the great outdoors.

Wow it's been difficult to say the least but now I'm on my 45th smoke free day yay. My husband hit the 4 month milestone August 25th , my eyes are set on September 14th for my 2 month milestone. One day at a time watching out for any stressers so therefore always being vigilant, this last week a smoke hardly crosses my mind and when it does it's just for a second or two. I'll continue to be on guard because I want to protect my quit, I don't worry about picking up a cigarette but subconsciously it could happen and I won't allow it to happen. Every day I get stronger and each day is so much easier than the day before. Enjoy the day everyone. 


Life is good

Posted by Marilyn.H.July.14.14. Aug 26, 2014

I woke up a little down this morning, then I looked outside at this beautiful day and gave my head a shake. I am so blessed to be alive I came across this poem yesterday, I thought I'd share this with you. 

                                                          EACH DAY YOU LIVE

                                                 Each day you live be grateful

                                                You are alive another day. .......

                                              Take time to gather flowers

                                              In abundance to give away. 

                                              We were taught long ago. ......

                                              Speak while they can hear you, 

                                              if you love them tell them so

                                            Seek no man out to slander

                                                  Or to ridicule his name. .......

                                                  We all belong to Jesus and

                                                  He loves each one the same

                                               Do what you can for others, 

                                                  hear their distressful cry. ......

                                            God sees how we treat others

                                               He knows when we pass them by

                                    Never leave kind words unspoken, 

                                          greet each one with a smile. .......

                                           Each day will grow brighter

                                              each day more worthwhile. 


2nd blog today

Posted by Marilyn.H.July.14.14. Aug 24, 2014

I'm finally sitting down and the rest of this day is mine to do with as I please. I choose to do Absoloutey nothing other than to write a few lines in my blog. This past Friday was a very stressful day, I  made it through with not too much of a problem. I was thinking about it just now how out of nowhere Friday afternoon I found myself arguing with myself, I thought I'd share this with you, I'm laughing about it now. I was dead tired and stressed but I keep my guard up at all times so I was ready when my head said go have a cigarette, you know you want to. My heart and soul said( I Don't SMOKE) back off because I am an EX SMOKER.  It's totally amazes me how quickly and easily these thoughts about smoking can hit us, I will continue to be on guard the last thing I want to do is smoke a cancer stick. 38 yrs of smoking and the only thing it's given me is COPD.  Have a fantastic and smoke free evening. 

A very happy Sunday to everyone, a beautiful late August day here in Carleton County New Brunswick.  I'm on my third and final coffee, and now I'm that I am awake i wanted you to know that I'm wishing each of you a fantastic day and of course a smoke free day. I hope wherever you are today the weather corporates and the temps aren't too hot and no storms at least for today. 


Another good day

Posted by Marilyn.H.July.14.14. Aug 21, 2014

I just wanted to say hello to everyone, I hope each of you had a good day. I'm tired but it's a good tired i got alot accomplished and watched my 5yr old grandson for the afternoon and a big chunk of the evening .I can't believe that September is almost here , oh well time goes by so fast. The older I get the more I realize just how fragile life can be especially if we don't take care of ourselves.I am trying to take better care of myself, another smoke free day, yay it's definitely a lot easier just for a split second 4 maybe 5 times a day I'll be busy with something and then out of the blue, I'll think it's time for a cigarette i don't SMOKE so stay out of my head. Anyway I'm doing well my husband will have 4 months in Monday August 25th he also has quit cold turkey. Have a great evening and a great sleep everyone. I should mention 39 days for me, I am so glad I found this site and all of you a gigantic THANK-YOU TO EACH ONE OF YOU. 

After 38 yrs of smoking and finding out I have mild copd, I believe it's ( DEFINITELY TIME ) to wise up and throw out the cigarettes and start living a life free of smoking. I'm on day 37 and it's a good day and I most definitely love this site and the wonderful people helping me stay strong. 


Coffee time

Posted by Marilyn.H.July.14.14. Aug 17, 2014

A peaceful and serene Sunday morning, I hope everyone has a relaxing day. It's raining here in Carleton County New Brunswick , we really need the rain I'm so thankful to have it. The farmers us gardeners, the woods everything is finally getting a Good drink. Hopefully we'll get a good inch and if we're real fortunate  two but just a light rain all day long would be perfect. I just wanted to say hello to everyone, onto another nicotine free day yay.

I was thinking about this site and how grateful I am to it and all of you for your kind words of encouragement and the strength you've given to me. Wow I am on day 33, I hope everyone here has a fantastic weekend.

I wanted to thank all of you for being in my corner rooting for me to stay smoke free. I know that I must be on my guard each day, stress is the worst trigger for me and maybe for all of us. A life without cigarettes sounds real good to me, they already took 38 yrs of my life ,no more time to be a healthier happier me. A little more cash to spend on something else sure sounds good too. Take the grandsons out to Pizza delight once in awhile, something, anything besides tobacco is a good thing thanks again to all of you and congrats to each one of you on your quit dates. 

YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA, it's been difficult to say the least but I wouldn't change a thing. I finally hit 30 days that's been my goal since day one July 14th was getting to the 30 day milestone and I made it. Yesterday was the worst stress day I had since probably day 4 or maybe it was day 5 I'm not sure but it was awful and today was fantastic. I don't know how tommorow will play out, but I will make sure I'm on guard for any thing that may stress me out to the point of my habit wanting a cigarette. I don't want a smoke but my subconscious mind and breaking the habit is the most difficult thing to do so I'm standing guard to watch for my triggers and kick any thoughts of filthy stinking rotten super expensive killer tobacco to the curb, onwards to the next milestone Lord willing 60 days. 


Yay, I made it

Posted by Marilyn.H.July.14.14. Aug 11, 2014

I'm so glad this day is done, from the moment I opened my eyes it's been one of those days that you'd just rather stay in bed under the covers and let the world go on without you. I got up and everything that could go wrong did go wrong, but I'm still here I made it through ( DAY 29 )★☆★☆ my stress level was at its peak and the habit wanted a cigarette and being a recovering alcoholic figured hey have a stiff drink with the smoke. I am so glad for this site, several of you really helped metthrough this day I thank all of you for your kind words and encouragement. Lord willing tommorrow will be a much better day, but I will be ready for whatever it dishes out.( DAY 30 TOMMORROW TO ME IT'S A BIG ONE )


Rough and tough

Posted by Marilyn.H.July.14.14. Aug 11, 2014

This morning has started out rough, I feel like I'm jumping out of my own skin. But darn it I'm tough. I think sometimes family can be our worst enemy, I've been trying to help a family member through a rough time when I am going through a rough time myself and my own sister this morning jumps down my throat she's saying that I don't know everything about the situation, well I don't need to know everything about it. Leave it in Gods hands. My sister knows I'm quitting smoking but she's stressing me out anyway. She'll have 4 years no smoking Feb 13th she used all kinds of things to get her through her quit, I'm so happy for her. I try to help people , when I need a little help or compassion,  no one is around. Thank goodness for my husband other than him drinking 7 nights a week he's here for me

he'll be smoke free 4 months August 25th so thank God he's here for me. My neighbor just dropped in so please send good thoughts my way thanks so much. 

Thank you, thank you and thank you all so much, wow with your help , I did it .Now I shake this headache. I appreciate letting me know about spam. I sure don't need any problems with my tablet. Now I will get on with my quit smoking day 26 days I will make it through this day, I am strong. Thanks everyone. 

Yesterday was a hard day, I believe I was being tested or something I know that sounds strange but I won the battle and made it through day 25. I'm not letting my guard down I know how easy it is to slip and I have no intention on letting that happen. This site is absolutely amazing thank God for all of you. 

Day 24 is going ok it's finally raining we really need it, I always smoked tobacco we rolled our own cigarettes. As I mentioned earlier my husband has over 4 months in which certainly makes it a little easier for me a pack of 25 cigs cost for the cheapest brand $10:40 Canadian money so we  with a 200 gram can of tobacco 70% would last just me roughly 17 days at $67:90 a can and prices keep rising. I don't think I answered your little questioner accurately . I put 23 days×28=644 wow when we figure it out it's kind of scary isn't it??? I need to stay smoke free for many reasons but mostly to keep my COPD at the mild stage and not let it progress into a more serious stage, money wise will certainly be nice too. Keep on keeping on. 

Like being a recovering alcoholic I would not dare take that first drink, I believe I will treat being an a reformed smoker the same way. I'd be terrifed one cigarette would get me smoking full time, so I'm not taking the chance of backsliding, so not Even a drag I am now working on day 23 smoke free days Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Next milestone will be one month. I am looking forward to that day. Good luck to everyone, have a wonderful afternoon and evening. 


A peaceful day

Posted by Marilyn.H.July.14.14. Aug 4, 2014

I just wanted everyone to know it's been a very busy day but a good one. Today's been peaceful relaxing but quite busy, I've actually enjoyed this day. I hope all of you are having a great day. It's New Brunswick day here a civic Holliday my husband is home and working in the garden and other little outside jobs that need done, I will check back later. 

Where to start , I was 15 when I met the guy I would marry after 10 months of dating so married at 16. We had our daughter when I was 18 and our son when I was 23 our marriage ended when I was was a very abusive marriage 13 yrs was enough . then I met the man I'm with today . We've been together 25 yrs married first marriage involved some drinking but mostly pot smoking, this marriage no pot but alcohol. August 14th will be 3 and a half years of sobriety. I'm a recovering alcoholic. My husband still drinks daily but I chose to live about a month before I quit drinking I took a heart attack, but didn't know it for almost 5 months the hospital was crazy busy when my husband took me to the hospital after the attack, I didn't know what was happening I thought I was dying for a few minutes my husband way starting to dial 911 when the pain started to subside, anyway afer 7 hrs a Dr came in to see me I was so weak and tired I couldn't think of anything to say to him I doubt if he read my chart . The nurse put me 3rd on the list to be seen my blood pressure, pulse and heart rate were way off, while we weretthere 3 ambulances came through and I man died while we were there so it snows how I got overlooked anyway I kept going back to the emergency and finally I got mad and said is it normal to have all these systems so he set up the echo cardiagram, I think I spelled that right anyway it showed up a heart attack the cardiologist figured it was alcohol related 7 days a week from 2 pm until bedtime for 20 yrs a pint of hard liquor most days . since I quit drinking my heart is good I also had peptic ulcers, which would put me in a fetal position in excruciating pain when drinking, I wised up and chose life my ulcers are completely healed and has been for a couple of years now. My husband has quit smoking cigarettes it's been over 4 months now he had an emphysema scare . I flunked a breathing test mild Copd I'm not on any puffers I believe I'm quitting smoking in time to have some quality of life and enjoy the grandsons and family. February 14th 2015 will be 4 yrs of sobriety. I pray July 14th 2015 I will be celebrating 1 year of being cigarette free. I really hope this blog is ok I never ever think about my life especially the bad yrs way back.i blocked those years out except my children of course they kept me going. I think I am finished for now , please stay with me thank you.