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Had to have Fire Dept. here tonight. Hubby smelled gas. We have propane heat. Long story short, all is well and propane company will be here in morning to check the propane tank. No carbon monoxide.  I have had a constant headache for past month so we do need to make sure all is well. I also have Dr, appt next tuesday. 


My younger brother and his fiancé are driving in sometime tomorrow afternoon to stay here a couple weeks as they are relocating from Arizona. So for first time since who knows when, we will be up till midnight tomorrow I guess. We used to go out all the time when ew were younger but have not for YEARS. Normally in bed by 9 any given night, lol. We are early risers though


Happy Healthy and Safe New Years to all of you and  N.O.P.E.!





Except I still can't post pictures because of computer issues.


Anyway, we are getting hammered with the white stuff right now.


Just want to peek in and wish everyone a happy Merry Healthy Christmas and New year! I adore all of you, old and new .


I leave you with this lovely quote from a series I am so addicted to called "Call of the Midwife':.....( On Netflix)


"Not all of us choose the things we give up~

The things we love are taken from us......or perhaps they were never ours to begin with.

Life is not defined by  by what we let go...but by what we let in"


I love the quotes in this show that's at the end of each and every episode.



I can't begin to thank you all enough for all the thoughtful words prayers, emails calls....just amazing, all of you.


I still have until this Saturday that I have to stay isolated but am doing well. Got alot of painting done. Blisters were only on my left fingers and gratefully I am right handed. Pete and I were very lucky to have a mild case but dont think for a minute COVID is like the flu...its more like having Mega Flu. The first week was bad and we both still feel tired and ready for bed by 6pm.


However, we know we dodged a big bullet this time and our county is in the PURPLE, which is scary. Anyway, I want to get more active here again and support my family here, so your stuck with me, lol.


After Christmas I got involved in doing some portraits for charity and will be giving a percentage of what I make to a charity called Forever33 and a trying to decide how to divvy up what I make to add another charity to it. So I am already getting orders which may put be behind with EX portraits, but I WILL continue to do them. I dont have my list in front of me but I hope to start the next EX painting by January sometime.....and a redo on MarilynH I think is next in line.

So folks, through it all ( COVID) I am SO DAMN GLAD I do not smoke anymore. I cannot even imagine how smokers fair with COVID, must be miserable....and frightening!


Sorry this is a long post. I am glad to be back and look forward on catching up with everyone and helping where I can if someone needs some help


I never even sent Christmas Cards out this year......I just lost interest. We haven't even been able to see all the kids/grandkids..for weeks it seems. Oh let this all be over soon. And as far as the vaccine.....I think I will wait and see how you all do first , lol

Love ya all~Missy


Ho humbug

Posted by Mandolinrain Dec 2, 2020

No idea why, but I can't select images anymore to post. So no pics.


Hubby is sick. Testing tomorrow but daily certain ts the dreaded COVID. So we are isolating. He started with extreme tired, the dry cough then sneezing-chills-low grade temp into 3rd day. Now loss of smell and taste. 


Im watching him like a hawk and my dumb computer is not behaving so am not online too much. Sorry.


I am more than ready for 2020 to OVER with. I am catching up with paintings ( I am so far behind ) but I know I'll get there eventually....and back to painting all the Elders again as well.


Meanwhile to give myself a bit of reason to celebrate the season, I began yesterday starting to read one chapter a day of the Gospel of Luke in which r=there are 24 chapters. So by the time you get to the end you will have been refreshed on the reason we celebrate Christmas  by Christmas Eve.! Great timing.


Anyway, I will be back to encourage and support when I can on more regular basis. I just wanted to pop in and say Hello and send you all my love and best thoughts and N.O.P.E.  XOXO