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You can be nice or mean if you want~

You can eat or not eat if you want~

You can wear purple everyday of the week if you want~

You can sing or dance or jump for joy if you want!

You can exercise if you want~




And I could go on and on and on and..........You get the point


You get to choose. Some things and some days and some people and circumstances can make all of the choices you will ever make more difficult...and then again, some will not. You choose how you want things to go and you can walk away or keep doing what you're doing. If you keep doing what you are doing you will get the same results. So maybe thats the thing you need to research more.....What can you change?


You can smoke if you want or you can choose to learn how to make the changes that will promote a healthy smoke free you.


Your choice.....always:)


Meanwhile here's my 'Storm' little tree huggers. This was taken yesterday at our home. They wanted to hug OLD trees because they needed hugs. Oh what we can learn from these innocent babes. I am so glad they will never see me smoke or smell it on me. I choose ME and my family....not the smokes



Have a happy weekend, see ya all after the 'Storm' blows out